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@darlingstayhuman and I have #BeenTogether 926 days!

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Getting down on some deathly hallows right now
I got cockroach clusters, I got them chocolate frogs. I got every flavor made by that babe, Bertie Bott. #ITakeYouThereLikeADoubleDeckerBusDoes #IBreakItUpLikeItWasHorcruxes
Rocco&#8217;s got a perma-smile.
I made a new friend today.  His name is Rocco, and he is the most lovely of dogs.
Our toothless
Everybody Lies. #house #bobafett

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One of the main reasons I hardly ever buy clothes is price (and because I&#8217;m tall and it&#8217;s hard to find things that fit well).  Today, however, @darlingstayhuman and I hit the jackpot.  All of these were heavily marked down from original price and additional 50% was marked down from that. All in all we saved a little more than $150 on what all this was originally marked.  I cannot IMAGINE someone who would pay those prices.  The dress was originally $70.  We paid $10.  $70 for a dress! No thanks.